Chong Phli


-information from March 2016-

# number of routes: 70
# grades: 5 – 8a // 5.10 – 5.13
# type of rock: limestone
# rock quality: excellent
# bolting: good, with titanium bolts
# is it polished: not at all
# time to climb: morning & afternoon
# approach: 1 min
# coordinates: 8.082072, 98.829436


The small village of Chong Phli is found just around the Corner of Tonsai/Railay, only 8km outside of Ao Nang. This is the place to be, if you want to avoid the crowds of Tonsai and look for a quiet place in the middle of nature. Getting to Tonsai/Railay for a day is quiet easy, you just drive into Ao Nang and take a Longtailboat for 100THB. During low tide you can even walk from here to Railay. Right at the crag are ten bungalows available, for 600 THB per night. But if you stay longer and/or get there in off-season the price is negotiable. Wifi is available and for Asian standards it is super fast! The approach can’t be much shorter, as you walk 50m to the closest sector and about 150m to the main face. Climbing is possible all day long. The Heart Cave stays in the shade all day, the main face has shade until early afternoon (~1pm) and the crags on the backside of Spiritmountain get into shade around noon. Directly at the crag is a fixed topo, but there is also information in the guidebook for Tonsai . In town (a 1.5km walk) you find a Family Mart, a bunch of local grocery stores and two restaurants. If you stay for a few days only, there is no need to get a motorbike. But if you plan to stay longer, get one in Ao Nang. So you can spend a rest day at the beach, go shopping at a big supermarket and beeing able to eat at different restaurants. For a real italian pizza go to Umberto’s, for an excellent steak to Carnivore and for a good curry at a reasonable price to Tonsai Restaurant (opposite the U&P Bakery). On a restday you can climb 1237 steps to reach the top of the Tiger Cave Temple, great for sunset or sunrise. The Tab Kak Hang Nak Hill Nature Trail is a nice 3.7km hike, with a great view down to Ao Nang. In Chong Phli you get water in 20l container for 13THB, and a 100THB deposit for the container. This saves 13 plastic bottles per container! And there are plenty of laundry machines available that cost 20THB. For the full machine, not per kilo.