China: Visa Extension in Guiyang


-information from November 2015-

You can extend your Tourist Visa for China only one time per entry. But, of course, you can extend every entry of a Multiple Entry Visa. The maximum extension is 30 days.

# Where do you apply for the Visa Extension?
At the next PSB, the Public Security Bureau. In Guiyang it is located behind the Walmart. And this is what you need to tell the taxi driver: “Bring me to Walmart”. We first showed a few taxis the address of the PSB, but they had no idea where this is. But as soon as we said the magic word “Walmart” we were driving. The Walmart is part of ‘Melot City’ and it costs you around 35 RMB to get there from the center of Guiyang.

# How much is the Visa Extension?
160RMB. But you can not pay in cash. By card only. The funny thing is, they do not accept any foreign credit card (at the PSB in Guiyang). And our Maestro Card did not work either. Which foreigner has a Chinese bank card?! To solve this problem, the lady at the counter asked the man next in line to pay for us with his card and we paid him in cash.

# How long does it take?
We applied for the Visa Extension on November 17th and were told to pick up the extension on the 26th. Later we had a friend call the PSB to tell them we want to pick it up later. Which was no problem at all.

# What documents do you need?
– application form (you will get this at the PSB)
– accomodation registration form for foreign nationals
– 1 passport sized photo
– 1 copy of your China Visa
– 1 copy of the data page of your passport
– proof of sufficient financial means (sufficient is 100 USD per day, which makes 3000 USD in total)
– a travel plan including the cities you will visit and how much time you want to spend there

# Where do you get the Accomodation Registration Form for Foreign Nationals?
You need to stay in a hostel/hotel that is allowed to host foreigners. With the receipt of the hostel you go to the next police station and they will give you the form. This takes about 10min.

# Do you really need proof of sufficient financial means?
Depends on the officer. We did not have any proof, just showed our credit cards and told the officer each of them is worth 10’000 USD. Then she said “Show me your cash”. After realizing that she was serious, I showed her the 2000 RMB I had in my wallet… and it was proof enough. Luckily we went to an ATM the same day in the morning.