China: Getting from Yangshuo to Getu

-information from November 2015-


Stops: Yangshuo – Guilin – Guiyang – Zuyin – Getu
Duration: a full day

# Yangshuo to Guilin

Transport: by Bus
Duration: 1h 30min – 2h 30min
Price: 20 – 45 RMB

Take a bus to Guilin from the northern bus station in Yangshuo. It should cost around 20 RMB. Then you need to take another bus, to get to the northern railway station in Guilin. As we were travelling in a group we booked a private bus that dropped us off directly at the northern railway station in Guilin. You can get a 12 seater for around 380 RMB or a 18 seater for around 700 RMB. The private bus took about 90 min, picking us up at Diecui Road / Furong Road in Yanghshuo.

# Guilin to Guiyang

Transport: by Train
Duration: 2h 17min
Price: 132.5 RMB

You could take a overnight bus, but the train is cheaper and faster. The first train leaves Guilin at 09:29. You can buy the ticket at the ticket counter at the railway station in Guilin, but I would strongly recommend to buy the ticket in advance. The best option is to get it from a travel agency (25 RMB commision), as they can give you real ticket. If you buy it online ( you save 5 RMB, as the commission is only 20 RMB, but then you need to change your online ticket at the ticket counter at the railway station to get the real ticket.

Chinese railway stations:
They are kinda similar to an airport. When you enter the railway station, your ticket and ID will be checked. Followed by a x-ray of your luggage and a metal detector for you. But there are no restrictions to 100 ml of liquids or anything like that. Then you need to wait in the waiting area of your platform. Make sure you get to the railway station 15min prior to departure.

As our bus driver overslept, we did not make it in time to Guilin. We were running into the waiting area, arriving at the gate three minutes prior to departure, but the train did already leave.
We could then change the tickets for the next train. For free! And did not have to pay for the bus, as it was his fault that we missed the train.

# Guiyang to Zuyin

Transport: by Bus
Duration: 2h
Price: 72 RMB

Take bus No. 8 to the Jinyang Bus Station, it costs you 2 RMB, or you just take a taxi. There are four or five buses a day, but if you took the 10:33 train from Guilin, you can get the bus at 16:30.

# Zuyin to Getu

Transport: by Minibus
Duration: 55min
Price: 13 RMB/person

If there are enough people, you can take a minibus for 13 RMB/person. But if there are only the two of you, arriving at 18:30 you will have to take a taxi for 100 RMB.