Laos: Visa Run / Visa Extension


-information from February 2016-

If you want to stay in Laos for more than 30 days you have two options: either you do a Visa Run or you can extend your Visa.

# Where can you extend your Lao Visa?
At the next Immigration Office. In Thakhek it is opposite of the Riveria Hotel (at the Mekong).

# How much is the Visa Extension?
It’s 2.5 USD per day and you can extend for a maximum of 30 days.

# Is a Visa Run complicated?
No. You cross the border to Thailand and get a 15 days Thai Visa on arrival. Then turn around, exit Thailand and come back to Laos.

# Can you do a Visa Run?
Depends on your passport. See the list below for countries which do not get a Visa on arrival.

# How much is the Lao Visa?
Depends on your passport. See the list below.