South Africa: Visa Extension

-information from July 2015-

When you fly into South Africa most countries get a 90 days Tourist Visa on arrival. If you want to stay longer you can apply for a Visa Extension. But you can apply only one time per entry.

# When do you need to apply for the Visa Extension?
During the first 30 days, if you have a 90 day visa.

# Where do you apply for the Visa Extension?
At any office of VFS Global. Here is the link.

# How long does it take to process?
It should take around two month.

# What happens if your visa expiries before you get your extension?
As long as the Visa Extension is in progress you are legally staying in the country.

# Can you leave South Africa with an expired visa and the receipt of the Visa Extension from VFS Global?
Yes. If your application for the Visa Extension is still in progress.

# How much is the Visa Extension?
1775 ZAR

# How long can you extend?
Up to 90 days.

# For your information:
We applied for an extension until December 1st, 2015. Which is an extension of 75 days. But we only got an extension until November 11th, 2015. For whatever reason.

# What application type, sub type and sub type category do you need?
Application type: Temporarey Residence Visa
Application sub type: TRV – Renewal Visa
Application sub type category: Visitors Visa Section 11(1)

# What documents do you need?
– apploication form
– proof of sufficient financial means

# Does VFS Global take your fingerprints?

# Can you apply for the Visa Extension in JoBurg and pick it up in Capetown?
No. You have to pick up the Visa Extension at the same VFS Global office where you applied for it. At least in 2015 there was no chance of sending it to a different office.