lisa’s top 10 climbs of the trip

7bredpointraising cainst. george | usa2016-09
7bredpointmater haterten sleep | usa2016-08
7bredpointkickapoothakhek | laos2016-02
7a+2nd gonamastezion | usa2016-09
7a+redpointhead like a holeten sleep | usa2016-08
7a+redpointwutangs shinto rideten sleep | usa2016-08
7a+redpointblackaliciousten sleep | usa2016-08
7aonsightwyoming flower childten sleep | usa2016-07
7a2nd godunmangetu | china2015-12
7aredpointgracechong phli | thailand2016-03

martin’s top 10 climbs of the trip

8aredpointspring loadedst. george | usa2016-09
8aredpointkgbthakhek | laos2016-01
7c+2nd gotwins paradoxzion | usa2016-09
7c+redpointchanging plans direktissimathakhek | laos2016-02
7c+redpointspecial forcesthakhek | laos2016-01
7cred pointaunt jemminaten sleep | usa2016-08
7credpointBierschissthakhek | laos2016-01
7c2nd goqueen cobragetu | china2015-11
7credpointfree maxgetu | china2015-11
7credpointhanging out in chinayangshuo | china2015-11

lisa’s top 10 boulders of the trip

6credpointsale in executionrocklands | south africa2015-09
6credpointthe ludovicianrocklands | south africa2015-09
6credpointwarm up areterocklands | south africa2015-09
6b+redpointunspace explorationrocklands | south africa2015-09
6bredpointRSArocklands | south africa2015-09
6bredpointthe golden childrocklands | south africa2015-09
6bredpointthe ludovician rightrocklands | south africa2015-09
6bredpointclassic crimphampi | inda2015-03
6bredpointchannel 1hampi |india2015-03
6a+redpointpop cornerrocklands | south africa2015-09

martin’s top 10 boulders of the trip

7credpointstalker on the horizonrocklands | south africa2015-09
7b+redpointborn into strugglerocklands | south africa2015-09
7b+redpointthe rhinorocklands | south africa2015-09
7bredpointbarracuda railrocklands | south africa2015-09
7bredpointminkirocklands | south africa2015-08
7bredpointpoison dwarfrocklands | south africa2015-08
7a+redpointshirazrocklands | south africa2015-09
7a+redpointzanzibarrocklands | south africa2015-08
7a+redpointsebi's roofhampi | india2015-03
7aonsightesoterroristrocklands | south africa2015-08

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