Thailand: Getting from Koh Yao Noi to Chong Phli

-information from March 2016-

There are two ways to get to Chong Phli from Koh Yao Noi. And as always, it depends on your budget.

# option 1
You can take a speed boat from Manoh Pier (in the south of Koh Yao Noi) directly to Ao Nang, followed by a short busride or taxi to Chong Phli. There is only one speed boat a day leaving Manoh Pier at 15:30. It will cost you 600 THB for the Speed boat + 100 THB for the taxi to Manoh Pier (as you probably stay in the Tha Khao Pier area) and the price you bargain with the TukTuk driver.
Total: 700 THB + Taxi

Most of the TukTuk driver in Ao Nang won’t know the ‘Chong Phli Climbing Camp & Bungalows‘, see the map below for directions.

# option 2
Take a longtail boat from Tha Khao Pier to Thalen Pier, a bus to Krabi and then the bus to Ao Nang, telling the bus driver to drop you off in Chong Phli. There are several longtail boats a day leaving Tha Khao Pier. This trip will cost you 150 THB for the longtail boat, 100 THB for the bus to Krabi, 50 THB for the bus to Chong Phli.
Total: 400 THB

From where the bus drops you off in Chong Phli it’s only a 1.3 km walk to the Chong Phli Climbing Camp & Bungalows. For more info about the climbing, >>> click here <<<.

Make sure the bus from Thalen Pier to Krabi drops you off at this bus station: